Presented by Lyn Harris (Event Director)

It is a privilege for me to announce the abovenamed trophy in memory of my husband John Harris.  John sadly passed away in November 2018 and to honour his passion for the Hamilton Half Marathon and for the sport of running and to recognize the amazing efforts at all levels of this sport, I have much pleasure in announcing that this trophy will be awarded for the first time this year.

John competed for over 40 years in distances from the 10km to the Marathon.  He ran 84 marathons, hundreds of half marathons and 10kms with a personal best time in the marathon of 2hrs 49, the Half Marathon 1hr 17 and the 10km 36 mins.  To achieve these times, he regularly ran 100+ miles a week in training.  Running was his true passion together with rugby union.  His running career was cut short by knee problems resulting in both knees being replaced.  This did not deter him from exercising as he then took up cycling and walking.

Many of you would have at some time over the years come across John at the Hamilton Half event either marshalling or tail end Charlie duties.  He was involved with the event from its inception.  Always encouraging and urging everyone on!

John’s fastest time over the Half Marathon distance was 1hr 17 and we will be using the WMA age graded calculator to identify the winner of this trophy.  WMA use a formula to calculate an age factor for every age:  this serves as the “best possible time” an athlete of that gender and age should be able to run.

This trophy will be awarded at prizegiving on event day.

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